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  • Accelerate your progress: Vikingstrength Dynamic Resistance and Assistance Acceleration Trainer helps all athletes train to maximize speed, strength, acceleration and jumps so they can maximize their potential and become the best athlete faster.
  • So many training opportunities: either you train alone or with a partner Vikingstrength Dynamic Resistance and Assistance Acceleration Trainer will help you. Make sure to take a look in the following manual for quick tips!
  • Multiple directions on one size fits all: To be a athlete you need to be able to use and train in space. So why choose to limit your mobility with other brands? Vikingstrength have attaches placed all over the belt, so you can train the way that fits your sport and training. Be ready for anything and anyone with Vikingstrength.
  • Used by pro Athletes in all sports: either you are a football player or sprinter our Vikingstrength Dynamic Resistance and Assistance Acceleration Trainer are being used by high level athletes right now.
  • Vikingstrength satisfaction guarantee: We are so confidence in our high quality material product that we will give you money back if you have any issues with the product. So what are you waiting for? Do as the top athletes and reach your goals faster with Vikingstrength!

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